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Finding a Full-Time Job

Finance, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, and Venture Capital

Finance is a highly competitive field that attracts a large number of Ivy League graduates. While many firms have increasingly focused on converting their summer interns into full-time hires, there are still positions available with some of the well-known “branded” firms as well as with smaller employers or those that specialize in a particular segment of the financial services industry, such as hedge funds or private equity. And, don’t forget about working “in-house” as part of an organization’s finance team! It’s particularly important that you make every effort to explore every possible opportunity to meet and get to know (and be known by) as many people in the field as you can through events such as employer information sessions or the Career Forum as well as through your own individual efforts using resources such as Crimson Compass or LinkedIn to make contacts. If you’re looking for a plan, you’ll also find our Job Search guidance very useful!

Sample career opportunities in finance and financial services